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Lux Beauty Boutique rolls out in-store payment app


Edmonton, Alberta -- Lux Beauty Boutique is rolling out in-store mobile app SelfPay, which lets shoppers handle payment and look up product information on their own devices, enabling shopper-controlled in-store checkout from anywhere within a brick-and-mortar store. Lux Beauty Boutique will host a SelfPay launch party at its store on Dec. 6.

SelfPay is a multi-retailer solution that enables shoppers at participating retailers to scan products in the store, view pricing and information, and pay for their purchase from their own device. Retailers can use the patent-pending purchase verification method to ensure that all items leaving the store have been paid.

“Nothing stresses me out more than seeing frustrated faces in a slow-moving line,” said Jennifer Grimm, Lux Beauty Boutique owner. “We are thrilled to launch SelfPay in time for the holiday rush and offer clients the ability to skip the line during the hectic shopping season.”

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