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Lumber Liquidators issues response to federal investigation


Lumber Liquidators spokesman Clint Roberts responded to sister publication HCN's requests for comment regarding the ongoing federal investigation into its sourcing practices. Multiple reports have suggested that the investigation is linked to the Environmental Investigation Agency, which claims the retailer is purchasing wood illegally in protected forests in Far East Russia.

“We are reviewing the report and, while we cannot yet comment specifically on its contents, we believe there are numerous inaccuracies and unsubstantiated claims," said Roberts. "Lumber Liquidators is committed to uncompromising integrity in how the Company operates, across all areas of the business. The Company has policies and procedures in place for the sourcing, harvesting and manufacturing of all of its products, monitored by professionals located around the world. Quality and sustainability are key components of Lumber Liquidators' value proposition, and the Company invests significant time and resources to safeguard quality control and compliance. Lumber Liquidators seeks to ensure that the Company conducts business ethically and acts in all arenas as a superior corporate citizen. We support the protection of the environment and responsible forest management, and if we find that any of the Company’s suppliers are not adhering to our standards, we will discontinue sourcing from those suppliers.”

Evidence gathered by the EIA alleges that Lumber Liquidators was aware of the wood's origins.

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