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Lowe's partners with


In an effort to expand its service capabilities, Lowe's has partnered with, a home improvement network that connects homeowners with over 1.5 million professionals.

The partnership aims to connect customers with home improvement pros for nearly any project outside of what Lowe's currently offers as part of its installation services.

"Working with Porch is another great example of how Lowe's supports our customers throughout every step of the home improvement journey," said Jay Rebello, VP new business development and corporate innovation at Lowe's. "By partnering with Porch, Lowe's can help our customers achieve their home improvement dreams by providing them with the confidence of knowing who their neighbors have used successfully, and benefit our professional customers by providing them greater opportunities to grow their businesses."

To be introduced at Lowe's stores, the partnership will make its first touchdown in 139 stores in the Carolinas and the Seattle metro area.

"For millions of people, the home is the biggest investment of their lives. Home improvement projects are an essential part of owning or renting a home - finding the right professionals should be easy, delightful, and connected," said Matt Ehrlichman, CEO of Porch. "Now, Lowe's customers can not only buy high-quality products to make their home improvement projects a reality, they can connect directly with local professionals their neighbors have used."

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