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Lowes Foods feeds omnichannel consumer appetite


Winston-Salem, N.C. - Lowes Foods, a Carolinas-based grocer with locations in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, is feeding consumer appetite for omnichannel experiences. Lowes is working with omnichannel commerce solutions provider Unata to deliver enhanced omnichannel services at its 60 Lowes Foods-To-Go stores.

This expansion is a phased rollout across markets, and is the result of a successful pilot which provided key insights into how the Lowes Foods guest uses the new platform, and how that platform interacts with shop fulfillment, pickup at the store and home delivery.

Specific examples of the technology included within the rollout include a feature allowing customers to view the entire product catalogue by any combination of filters, including previously purchased, on sale, organic, gluten free, local and more. Customers can also sort through products based on aspects such as popularity, personal relevance, date of last purchase, and pricing.

Customers are also able to view their progress toward redeeming an offer as they add more items to their shopping cart and their estimated total accurately adjusts along the way.

“We have been incredibly pleased by the success of our pilot and the strength of our partnership with Unata,” said Michael Moore, chief marketing officer at Lowes Foods. “Our collaboration has allowed us to improve upon the experience in real-time before moving ahead with full roll out. We have ambitious plans for providing a personalized experience for every Lowes Foods guest, no matter if they engage with us digitally or within one of our stores.”

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