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L'Oréal looks to Sitecore for personalization


Building and delivering unique and connected digital beauty experiences was the rationale behind L'Oréal's selection of Sitecore as a provider of customer experience management software.

Sitecore announced that its customer experience platform was selected by The L'Oréal Group to enable their marketers to deliver personalized customer experiences for its leading brands such as Vichy, L'Oréal Paris, Maybelline and Garnier.

"As the leader in customer experience management, it was a natural move from our existing in-house platform to Sitecore's enterprise-class experience platform. With Sitecore, we can deliver compelling, personalized and immersive digital experiences for our customers globally," said Jean-Christophe Sautory, L'Oréal’s chief information officer. "Sitecore's experience platform provides a robust and scalable central framework for all our brands, regions and countries."

L'Oréal selected Sitecore's experience platform in combination with its Foundry and Azure cloud offering, to quickly build and deliver unique, yet connected, digital beauty experiences, scaling across all regions and languages. With Sitecore, L'Oréal will leverage customer insights in real-time to deliver dynamic, compelling content through all marketing channels, according to the company. Plans call for L'Oréal to build a central enterprise framework for customer experience management across its brand's websites, creating efficiencies by facilitating the re-use of website components across the brand and accelerating time to market.

"Sitecore will enable L'Oréal's marketers to own the experience they deliver to their audiences and provide measurable, relevant interactions that drive results and create customers for life," said Michael Tupanjanin, Sitecore’s chief revenue officer.

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