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Looks of the links


Maybe it’s because there are 5.76 million female golfers in the United States. Or maybe it’s because golf apparel combines comfort with unmatched preppy style. In any case, plaid shorts, argyle sweaters and polo shirts (Merona styles from Target pictured) are leaving the green for sidewalks, parks and expeditions at the mall.

Few apparel items translate into summer as well as brightly colored plaid shorts, a style that works well for women of all ages. Longer length Bermuda versions play favorites in the missy department and work exceptionally well with vibrant polos. Young women who shop in the juniors’ section will find more contemporary, low-rise and somewhat shorter versions.

The sweater makes for a good investment as well. Worn over a polo, it highlights prepiness to a tee. But those who tie it over their shoulders have ‘country club’ written all over them. Bottom line, the apparel market for golf is gaining steam and it is certainly translating into everyday wear.

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