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Look Ma, I coulda got you a Kindle


Shoppers looking to buy an e-reader for mom this week had an interesting choice to make. They could pay $149 for a Nook at Walmart or go to Target or Best Buy and pick up a Kindle for $114. Target and Best Buy offered the Wi-Fi-enabled Kindle version capable of holding up to 3,500 books, and Target even featured the device on the cover of its weekly ad with a large photo. Walmart opted for a similar strategy and featured the Wi-Fi-enabled Nook capable of holding 1,500 books for $149 on the cover of its circular.

Hmmm? For shoppers in the market for an e-reader this would seem to be an easy choice. Pay $149 for a Nook at Walmart or purchase the more desirable Kindle brand from industry leader Amazon with a higher storage capacity product at a significantly lower price at Target or Best Buy. There may have been other differences between the Nook and Kindle, but if that were the case Walmart should have done a better job calling out the feature set to justify the higher price.

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