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Loblaw’s Toronto first to go bagless


Environmentally conscious consumers are likely to look fondly upon retailers who lead the drive to eliminate disposable grocery bags. Loblaw, in response to Canadian consumer support for environmental initiatives, announced in August that its Milton, Ontario, location would become the first major grocery and general merchandise store in North America to eliminate traditional plastic grocery bags at its checkout stands.

Milton, an extreme suburb of Toronto, is a place growing with young families, making the location/operation pairing ideal. Plus, in rural Milton, a recycling program addressed challenges the young community is just confronting. “The bagless initiative goes over at all levels in just about all communities,” Primorac said, “but, in dealing with smaller communities, not all have programs in place for recycling. People who don’t have access to that in the community are looking for an alternative.”

Loblaw mailed each household in Milton a complimentary PC Green Bag (pictured)—a reusable bag recently developed under its President’s Choice private label—and a coupon for a free PC Green Box with a minimum $25 purchase. The chain also offered shoppers a buy-one-get-one-free deal for the PC Green Bag and $1 off PC Green Box.

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