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Lindt sweetens premium chocolate offerings


Lindt and Sprungli has introduced a bevy of new premium chocolate offerings, with flavor combinations ranging from sweet-and-salty to delicate milk chocolate.

The new product offerings include Lindor Coconut truffles, Classic Recipe Caramel with Sea Salt bars, special additions to the Lindt Chocolate Specialties line, and the first-ever Lindt Brownie Mixes.

"Every day Lindt is on a quest to develop the most exquisite chocolate products and flavor combinations," said Ann Czaja, Lindt master chocolatier. "Whether consumers prefer smooth coconut, complex sea salt or delicious chocolate-covered fruits and nuts, each of the new products offers a flavorful, gourmet way to experience premium chocolate."

The newest confections include:

  • Lindor Coconut Truffle. Lindor truffles are available in 18 different flavors. The new Coconut truffle has a milk chocolate shell with a white chocolate center and features a subtle flavor of coconut.

  • Lindt Classic Recipe Caramel with Sea Salt Bar. The new Caramel with Sea Salt bar gives consumers a creamy, smooth milk chocolate paired with crunchy bits of caramel and sea salt crystals.

  • Lindt Brownie Mixes. Each mix features Lindt Excellence chocolate from Lindt Master Chocolatiers and yields approximately 16 brownies. The gourmet, easy-to-use line comes in two varieties: Classic Chocolate Brownie Mix and White Coconut Brownie Mix.

  • Lindt Chocolate Specialties Collection. This hand-crafted line includes Lindt Chocolate Bark and Lindt Chocolate-Covered Fruit and Nuts.

The Lindor Coconut truffles and Classic Recipe bar are now available at retailers nationwide, Lindt Chocolate Shops and

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