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LG Electronics deepens environmental commitment


WASHINGTON — LG Electronics USA and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency plan to collaborate on a number of environmental stewardship programs.

Under the agreement, the EPA will give LG technical assistance and support in all the initiatives that LG will pursue. Programs include enhancing its leadership in the Energy Star program by joining the Energy Star Commercial Building Program; expanding its role in the EPA Green Power Partnership Program by increasing its purchase of green power; joining the EPA WasteWise Program to enhance waste prevention programs, recycling practices and sustainable purchasing at all U.S. facilities; incorporating EPA WaterSense technologies in its facilities to conserve water; supporting EPA Sustainable Materials Management programs for electronics and food waste recycling challenges; utilizing the EPA GreenScapes program to support environmentally beneficial landscaping practices that can reduce waste, conserve water and cut energy usage; adopting the EPA Clean Construction USA Program to help reduce emissions from internal combustion engines used in facility construction and operation; implementing environmental best practices in energy management systems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and achieving LEED certifications from the U.S. Green Building Council.

The agreement also covers product stewardship, environmentally preferred purchasing, green infrastructure, green transportation and environmental education initiatives in which EPA and LG will collaborate.

LG is planning to construct a 493,167-sq.-ft., eight-story state-of-art office building on a 27-acre lot in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., which will serve as its new North American headquarters. The proposed design is highly responsive to the environment and includes a number of environmentally enhanced elements that are designed to achieve at least a Gold LEED certification.

The company's focus on environmental and energy management extends beyond the new headquarters building. LG is reviewing more than 15 office buildings in its portfolio for operating and energy efficiency enhancements as well. Supporting the key elements of the agreement, LG has committed to an industry-leading 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions for its 6U.S. operations by 2020, compared with a 2007 baseline.

Already a member of the EPA's GreenPower Partnership, LG is purchasing 100% green energy for its current New Jersey headquarters and intends to increase green power in its energy portfolio. For example, LG will construct and operate an 85,000-sq.-ft. array of LG's own photovoltaic solar panels at its new headquarters facility, which will generate an annual amount of 1,047 MWH.

The programs covered by the memo of understanding between LG and the EPA supplement LG's broad array of sustainability initiatives, including energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reductions in manufacturing and the supply chain; consumer education aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of product use; producer responsibility through consumer take back/recycling programs; reduction in the use of hazardous substances; deployment and promotion of renewable energy technologies; and development of innovative green life cycle product designs.

LG Electronics USA will submit an annual status report to EPA. EPA will use this report to determine the environmental benefits associated with the company's "green" activities and provide feedback on ways to further improve its environmental performance.

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