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Levi’s launches customized ad agency model


San Francisco -- The Levi's brand has chosen a customized advertising agency model. Effective immediately, the Levi's brand will transition to a combined agency team from Draftfcb Worldwide and The House Worldwide to deliver global marketing, creative and strategic support.

The tailor-made team for the Levi's brand includes a customized strategy and account team built across Draftfcb Worldwide and The House Worldwide, with creative teams from Draftfcb San Francisco, Draftfcb Los Angeles and The House Worldwide's, ChinaMadrid in Spain and CumminsRoss from Australia. Whittles will oversee North America and Pinder international markets.

"We are very excited about this new model,” said Jen Sey, chief marketing officer of the Levi's brand. “We're getting handpicked creative talent from Draftfcb and The House networks at both the global and local market level. This model will provide us with the efficiency and consistency we need as a global brand as well as the means to drive relevance around the world by accessing top-notch local talent when we need it. In doing so, we'll strive to reach passionate new fans in every market in which we operate."

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