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Lenovo laptop tops in efficiency


WASHINGTON — The Lenovo ThinkPad T430s topped TopTen USA's list for energy-efficiency.

The nonprofit group, appaluded he fact that the laptopuses only 7.4 kilowatt hours of electricity in a year of typical use. The average comparable model uses 28 kWh per year—almost 4 times the energy. On average, TopTen-listed laptops use about half (48%) the energy of comparable models.

"Computers using minimal amounts of power can do everything their inefficient competition can do—and in many cases, they do it better," says Norman Dean , TopTen USA's president. "So choosing an inefficient model is just pouring money down the drain and greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere."

Along with the Lenovo and multiple entries from Apple, including its popular Retina Display laptops, TopTen's rankings included models from ASUS, HP, Dell, Samsung and others. And that gamer's special? The MSi GX60. For more information, including complete methodology, visit

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