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Leading pizza chain tests beacons


A leading pizza chain is testing beacon technology – in stores in China.

Yum Brands subsidiary Pizza Hut is using devices from global beacon technology provider Sensoro at all 1,471 locations in mainland China through Sept. 23.

Customers can receive coupons, WeChat movie tickets, and other special offers discounts by interacting with beacon technology on their mobile phones. As part of the test, customers just need to turn on Bluetooth on their mobile devices and open up the "Shake" feature on WeChat to get a chance to receive discounts or gifts such as free movie tickets or prizes.

Customers can also view the menu by interacting with the Beacon content. While currently Pizza Hut has only announced a test of Sensoro beacon technology in Chinese stores, the technology could well find its way to U.S. locations in the future. Retailers and consumers in China are generally ahead of their U.S. counterparts when it comes to using beacons, making China a good location for initial testing.

“The comprehensive use of beacon technology to create smart restaurants is intended to improve the customer experience and improve customer service, while also upgrading brand image to attract more customers,” Pizza Hut stated.

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