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Kronos: Tips for reducing holiday turnover


The ghost of holidays past hangs over many retail workers, according to a new study of part- and full-time retail employees by Kronos.

Forty-percent of employees in the survey said that their employer did not have enough staff in previous years to account for the amount of shoppers they receive at their store. And 53% are worried about getting burned out during the holiday season.

The “Retail Employees’ Holiday Wish List” survey, conducted by Harris Poll, found that retail employees don’t mind working extra-long hours, but they would like to choose their own schedules and receive a higher pay rate for overtime hours worked.

“This survey reveals that by giving employees more input into their schedules, making schedules available via mobile devices; and providing them with time off to spend with their families during the holidays, retailers can improve the work lives of their employees and retain them for future seasons,” said Charlie DeWitt, VP, business development, Kronos. “Progressive retailers such as our long standing customer Costco are doing just this.”

Among the strategies retail employees say would make working during the holiday season easier are:

◦ Letting employees choose their own schedules (57%);

◦ Enabling employees to take time off around the holidays (51%);

◦ Providing a more stable schedule (44%); and

◦ Giving employees access to their schedule via mobile device (22%).

When it comes to turnover, the workers say employers can prevent them from leaving during the holiday season by:

◦ Paying a higher rate for overtime hours worked during the holiday season (65%);

◦ Providing an extra “paid holiday” during the holiday season (60%);

◦ Enabling more work-life balance with employee schedules (57%);

◦ Hiring more staff (55%); and

◦ Allowing employees to switch their days with others (47%).
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