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Kroger taps Llamasoft’s supply chain modeling software


Ann Arbor, Mich. Kroger Co. has selected LLamasoft as a partner for supply chain modeling and strategic planning.

Kroger, which operates over 2,400 supermarkets and multi-department stores across 31 states, will license LLamasoft's strategic planning software, Supply Chain Guru, and will contract LLamsoft's consulting services to assist with network design and inventory analysis. The analysis will focus on improving end-to-end supply chain operations and reducing the total cost-to-serve from suppliers and manufacturing through distribution centers and out to the Kroger retail stores.

Paul Pridemore, general manager of Kroger logistics explained, "After a detailed market evaluation, we determined that LLamasoft's Supply Chain Guru will provide Kroger with the most comprehensive strategic planning capability. The integration of network and inventory optimization, combined with product flow-path analysis and simulation will enable Kroger to systematically improve our total cost-to-serve for all key supply chain segments."

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