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Kroger swimming with the sustainable seafood stream


CINCINNATI -- Kroger announced that it has set a 2015 goal of sourcing 100% of its top 20 wild-caught seafood species from sources certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, in full assessment, or involved in a Fishery Improvement Project with World Wildlife Fund.

According to Kroger, more than half of the top 20 wild-caught seafood species it sells are certified by the MSC or in full assessment.

Kroger said it will continue to work with WWF to reach its goal.

"Kroger is enthusiastic about this goal and what it will mean for our customers," said Mark Van Buskirk, VP meat and seafood merchandising for Kroger. "We want to ensure that our customers and their children can enjoy fresh, sustainable seafood for generations to come."

In addition to sourcing 100% MSC certified fish, Kroger is supporting a number of Fishery Improvement Projects in cooperation with WWF including the Ecuadorian mahi mahi and Indonesian yellowfin tuna fisheries. The improvements being put in place will directly help these fisheries perform at a level consistent with MSC standards, benefiting local communities, fishermen, suppliers and consumers.

Kroger announced that it will also no longer sell shark, marlin or bluefin tuna due to sustainability concerns in the species.

"As one of the largest traditional food retailers in the U.S., the Kroger family of stores plays an important role by working with the seafood industry on important sustainability practices," says Bill Fox, VP and managing director of WWF's fisheries program. "Commitments like this are essential to achieving our conservation goals for healthy oceans."

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