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Kroger joins Energy Star elite


Cincinnati - The Kroger Co. has been accepted as an “Elite Member” of Energy Star Certification Nation by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Kroger was the only grocery retailer granted Elite Member certification status, which was granted to organizations that earned Energy Star certification for at least 150 buildings in 2014.

Kroger has earned 649 Energy Star certifications. The company utilizes a variety of practices to increase energy efficiency, employing technology such as LED lights, skylights, and control systems - as well as engaging store associates in energy savings initiatives. Kroger has reduced its average grocery store electricity usage by 35% since the year 2000.

"Kroger is committed to reducing our impact on the environment, and our Energy Star-certified buildings have delivered energy and cost savings as well as reduce our carbon footprint," said Keith Oliver, Kroger's VP of facility engineering. "We are pleased to help our partners at the EPA celebrate 15 years of Energy Star certifications."
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