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Kroger Extends Gas Discounts


Cincinnati Kroger Co. has expanded its gas discount program across its regions.

Most of the regional fuel-discount programs in the Kroger Co.'s chain give regular shoppers 10? off per gallon at company gas stations for every $100 they spend in a Kroger store. But the programs previously weren't carried over between regions, so a vacationing shopper at a Kroger-owned Ralphs store in California, for instance, didn't get the spending credit for the discount back home in Cincinnati.

Kroger said customers have been asking that the program be made chainwide. Its just-announced answer to customer demand is that shoppers using the Kroger-branded credit card can earn 15? per gallon discounts.

The expanded program doesn't include a handful of markets, such as in Columbus, Ohio, and Michigan where extra discounts are offered for competitive reasons.

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