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Kmart expands generics program


HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. Kmart Pharmacy has expanded its generic prescription drug program to include more than 500 commonly prescribed generic medications. The program launched on Sunday, June 22, at all 1,100 Kmart pharmacies nationwide.

In addition to offering more than 100 generic antibiotic, pain and cold/cough treatments for only $5 per prescription, the Kmart Pharmacy has lowered the cost of a three-month supply of many common maintenance medications to just $10. 

"At Kmart Pharmacy, we're committed to provide the most value and quality to our customers - especially when healthcare costs are generally on the rise," said Mark Doerr, RPh, vp of Kmart Pharmacy. "By expanding the Kmart Pharmacy Generic Prescription Drug Savings Program, we want to help moms - who, by and large, are making most of the family's healthcare decisions - save money and do their best to protect their family's health."

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