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Kirkland’s Home overhauls planning with Oracle


Chapel Hill, N.C. - Kirkland's Home has overhauled its planning architecture and strategy with a customized, automated assortment planning solution based on Oracle technology. Replacing a previous manual planning system, Oracle implementer Veltio configured the Kirkland's assortment planning solution to address the retailer’s specific challenges.

The new custom platform provides a science-driven, automated process that creates sales plans by item, store and week. The insights of the program drive allocation decisions and offer guidance to maximize SKU productivity by store cluster and greater visibility to sales performance and tier strategies.

Integrated with Veltio's integrations of Oracle merchandise financial planning, location planning and item planning, the customized system replaced Kirkland's Home's manual process with an automated platform that ties financial plans and allocation decisions to the assortment planning and assortment creation strategies. Overall product visibility by the assortment performance yields a better understanding of gaps in sales performance.

"The implementation of these planning tools has improved the planning process and communications between teams giving us the ability to make faster, better informed decisions," says Tripp Stevens, senior director of planning and allocation, Kirkland's Home.

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