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Kidswear retailer Souris Mini maxes omnichannel CRM with Raymark


Montreal, Canada – Specialty childrenswear retailer Souris Mini has selected Raymark's omni-channel customer relationship management (CRM) solution to support strategic initiatives in streamlining marketing activities and improving customer communications. The retailer, with more than 30 locations on two continents, is modernizing the way it engages with customers across all channels, with the project currently underway.

Building customer loyalty and improving marketing intelligence were major driving factors influencing Souris Mini's decision to invest in new technology.

"Raymark has developed a retail-specific CRM solution that will enable our marketers to be more agile, continually refining our marketing communications according to customers' needs and desires" said Steeve Beaudet, president of Souris Mini. “Raymark Affinity CRM will be used to leverage customer information collected through the POS, e-commerce and other channels to create targeted, relevant campaigns for improved customer loyalty and engagement.”
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