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Kidpik gives girls fashion power


Young girls are notoriously picky about what they wear, and now someone is doing something about it.

Kidpik, a new online shopping service aimed at girls age 3-12 (and their parents), offers curated, personalized fashion collections. Girls initially fill out an interactive quiz about their apparel preferences, and based on the results are assigned a look such as Girly Girl, Modest or Classic Chic.

Seasonally, Kidpik will deliver a personalized box containing six items tailored to an individual girl’s taste and preset spending range. Customers can keep the items they like and return the rest free, or keep the entire box for a 30% discount. Average cost of each item is $12.50, with full boxes costing from $75-100 after discount.

Returned items are donated to charity. There are no fees or commitments to join, for shipping or to receive personalized styling.

"Children's preferences in clothing have evolved over the decades and so should the shopping and delivery system," says Ezra Dabah, kidpik founder and CEO. "We are excited to deliver the ultimate shopping experience-- personalized, coordinated quality fashion outfits for the girls in your life, direct to your door."

Kidpik is combining several different personalized online retail tactics, such as interactive quizzes and subscription boxes, to create a new example of mass customization. Algorithms and data analysis allow retailers to provide consumers a degree of previously unavailable personalization at an immense scale. While there is no true one-to-one mass customization yet, that is clearly the direction the industry is heading.

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