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Hoboken, N.J. – Newly launched Amazon rival promises to deliver the lowest prices available online through a dynamic pricing system that constantly scans the Internet for the best possible deals.

Early analysis indicates is mostly meeting or beating prices on similar items from major competitors like Amazon and Wal-Mart, and the retailer is using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to support its dynamic pricing activities. allows customers to observe prices in items in their shopping cart change based on real-time decisions customers make such as how many items are in a shipment, if certain goods are purchased together, what payment method to use, and whether to waive the right to return items.

“We anticipated the need to spin up hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of servers in a very short space of time without going through huge capacity planning exercises,” said Mike Hanrahan, CTO and co-founder, in an official Microsoft blog post. “We’ve built this thing from the ground up to be able to handle those types of volumes, and we chose Microsoft Azure, because we needed a cloud provider with a very mature and battle-hardened set of technologies. When you look at our list of criteria, the number of cloud providers who can fulfill it is very short.” has currently signed about 2,500 retail partners. Azure eases the process for retail partners to set rules about pricing, shipping, and inventory adjustments.

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