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J.C. Penney Announces Green Truck-Fleet Initiative


Plano, Texas J. C. Penney Co. and PDS Trucking, Inc., a subsidiary of Pacer Distribution Services, Inc., have taken a major step toward achieving their goal to convert 100% of the truck fleet handling J.C. Penney imports at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, Calif., to low-emissions, clean-diesel technology. The companies announced Tuesday the delivery of more than 20 new Kenworth T-800 tractors that will replace aging diesel trucks currently in use by independent owner-operators in Pacer’s port network.

“We’re committed to clearing the air around the ports by putting clean trucks on the road as quickly as we can,” said Marie Lacertosa, senior VP and director of logistics for J.C. Penney. “This fleet conversion demonstrates that the private sector is capable of implementing sustainable, long-term solutions to port environmental issues that also preserve jobs and maintain the efficient flow of goods.”

As members of CRT, J.C. Penney and Pacer have committed to sponsoring the fleet conversion to support the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports’ 2012 air-quality goals. The companies expect the fleet hauling J.C. Penney merchandise to meet the ports’ emissions goals by early 2009, well ahead of the ports’ deadlines, while also helping to preserve the livelihoods of independent owner-operators in the port trucking community.

The voluntary truck-replacement program is based on a leasing model providing owner-operators with new, clean trucks through a private-sector financial arrangement. The financing model represents an innovative and cost-effective way for the private sector to meet recently adopted goals for the retirement of pre-2007 diesel trucks at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

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