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Jamba Juice selects NCR to enable mobile ordering


New York -- Jamba Juice tapped NCR Corporation to help it make mobile ordering easier for its customers. NCR, in collaboration with PayPal, has developed a series of customized mobile solutions, including a Jamba Juice branded iOS and Android mobile ordering and payment solution.

The ordering functionality is available in select Jamba Juice locations via the PayPal app and allows consumers to place mobile orders and pay directly from their smartphones. The customized mobile ordering solution will seamlessly integrate with the NCR Aloha point-of-sale platform. It is expected to improve speed of service and offer a differentiated experience to Jamba Juice customers, enabling them to skip the line to pick up their order.

“Today’s consumer wants to leverage technology in an integrated way to make everyday life easier,” said Robert Notte, CTO, Jamba Juice. “Working with NCR and PayPal we are using mobile ordering and payment technologies to align with our brand essence of a healthy, active lifestyle and help us deliver more value to our customers."

“Solving real problems for merchants and consumers is one of PayPal’s primary goals, and our collaboration with NCR helps to create a great experience for loyal Jamba Juice customers,” said Don Kingsborough, VP of retail services at PayPal. “In 2012, we worked with Jamba Juice to create a fantastic mobile ordering experience and NCR is a key ingredient to bringing this innovation to more locations across the U.S.”

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