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Italian hypermarket retailer Bennet implements Checkpoint EAS


Montano Lucino, Italy — Italian hypermarket retailer Bennet has completed the rollout of electronic article surveillance (EAS) loss prevention solutions in its stores in Italy. The solution involves the installation of 1,000 P20 EAS antennas from Checkpoint’s Evolve solutions, as well as radio frequency (RF) tags, Alpha high-theft solutions and point-of-sale deactivators, in addition to the rollout of an RF source-tagging program aimed at increasing on-shelf availability, improving open merchandising while reducing labor costs and inventory shrink.

As part of the partnership, EAS labels will be applied to the merchandise during the manufacturing process, resulting in the items arriving in-store shelf-ready. This enables store associates to focus on customer-centric activities rather than attaching security tags. The program is being run through Checkpoint’s dedicated Source Tagging Evaluation Center, which considers technical, packaging and supply chain requirements when recommending the application of the most suitable EAS labels to the different types of merchandise.

“Checkpoint’s support has been invaluable,” said Luigi Forgione, director of the Bennet Group. “The company has worked closely with our technical team to create a solution that offers superior merchandise protection without affecting the store aesthetics. We are delighted with the final installation and look forward to extending our collaboration with Checkpoint, a company which shares our goals of being at the forefront of the retail industry by offering the greatest variety of products, ensuring our stores’ security in a new, modern and welcoming manner.”

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