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iPhone coming to Target?


The increasing tendency on the part of Apple to sell its products through mass market retailers suggests that its popular iPhone could eventually be available at Target stores.

The iPhone was initially sold at Best Buy, and then last week distribution was extended to Walmart, where a major launch involved the use of special in-store fixtures and prominent positioning in advertising including the front cover of the retailer’s most recent circular.

From Apple’s standpoint, the move increases consumer access to the popular product, whereas for Walmart, the iPhone brings added brand cache to an electronics department that has undergone a significant makeover the past few years. Apparently, the brand halo of Apple was worth a considerable amount to Walmart as the company agreed to sell the iPhone for only $2 less than the price at which it is offered in Apple’s stores. However, as a company keen on protecting the image and equity of its brand, an Apple distribution agreement with Target would appear to have made more sense since the brand identities of Target and Apple are more closely aligned, even if the short-term sales potential with Walmart is greater.

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