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Intelligrated introduces Knighted fulfillment execution


Cincinnati - Intelligrated is introducing fulfillment execution systems, a new software model from its subsidiary company, Knighted Fulfillment execution systems optimize fulfillment in real time.

The Knighted fulfillment execution system acts as the operational brain, making automated, real-time decisions based on constant analysis of order priority, inventory, labor, process and equipment information to optimize fulfillment operations. This real-time software model contrasts with conventional WMS solutions, which focus on a cycle of planning, executing, monitoring and adjusting as a sequence of discrete events.

Knighted software uses points-based tasking algorithms to manage inbound and outbound operations, automation flow, yard, labor and inventory to balance and prioritize workflow throughout the entire operation. Drag-and-drop workflows enable software adjustments and process optimization, eliminating the need for complex software coding.

“The demands of today’s omni-channel retailers require fulfillment operations to ship orders faster and more efficiently than ever before,” said Greg Cronin, executive VP. “The Knighted fulfillment execution system model enables fulfillment operations to adapt in real time and deliver intelligent decisions at the speed of automation for maximum efficiency.”

Knighted fulfillment execution systems deliver a suite of warehouse management, warehouse control, labor management, business intelligence and order fulfillment technologies with enterprise visibility, scalable for single-facility operations to multi-site enterprises.

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