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Intel, Samsung among Eggie Award recipients


CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. — Intel, Samsung and Microsoft were among the six recipients recognized with a 2013 Eggie Award for Partners of the Year.

Presented by Newegg, a leading consumer electronics e-retailer, the Eggies are awarded to vendor partners and customers who have made outstanding contributions and supported Newegg’s growth efforts.

Newegg presents 26 awards across 14 categories. Noteworthy vendor partner awards included Partner of the Year, Best Performance by a Manufacturer and Distributor, the EggXellence Award and Best New Vendor. Newegg also recognized its loyal customer reviewers with honors to the Most Prolific Reviewer, Most Helpful Reviewer and Geek of the Year.

In addition to the previously named companies, the remaining winners of Partner of the Year include ASUS, Lenovo and Seagate; Best New Vendor: Intuit, Definitive Technology, OnTrac; Highest YoY Growth: Pioneer Electronics; Top Sales Achievement: ASUS; Best Merchandising Campaign: AMD (Never Settle Campaign); Best Marketing Partner: Adobe, Intel; Best Supporting Vendor: UPS; Best Performance - Manufacturer: Lenovo; Best Performance - Distributor: Synnex; EggXellence Award (company): eBay; EggXellence Award (individual): Jack Chen (NVIDIA), Larry Ma (LG Electronics), Danny Malone (Lenovo), Scott Schweizer (Cisco), John Torres (AMD); Most Prolific Reviewer: John Pilon; Most Helpful Reviewer: Christian Hentrich; Geek of the Year: Christopher Bessey.

"On behalf of Newegg, I would like to offer my congratulations to each and every one of this year's deserving Eggie award recipients," said Soren Mills, CMO of Newegg North America. "We are very grateful for the significant contributions that they have made to our business in 2012. We thank them for their continued support of and look forward to an 'eggxellent' 2013."

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