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Increased connectivity hits home


Consumers who need to adjust the setting on their Crock-Pot or Mr. Coffee will be able to do so without ever setting foot in the kitchen thanks to new innovations Jarden Consumer Solutions is bringing to market in 2014.

The global consumer products leader identified increased connectivity and household control as a key trend for 2014 which informed the company product development. Accordingly, Jarden integrated the WeMo SMART platform into many of its most popular products to give them Internet connectivity and functionality many consumers may not have realized they needed. For example, whether the product is a Crock-Pot slow cooker, Mr. Coffee coffee maker or Holmes space heater, consumers will be able to access, engage and control the product remotely via an app on their smart phone or tablet.

Jarden said a Crock-Pot it will introduce next year will allow users to turn it on or off, adjust the temperature or extend the cooking time. This first-of-its-kind connected product solution will deliver extraordinary control, convenience, and peace of mind to consumers for the suggested price of $99, according to Jarden.

Similar capabilities have been added to a new for 2014 Mr. Coffee with WeMo SMART Technology. Consumers will be able to program individual brew times for up to seven days and make adjustments from anywhere at anytime. The product is also said to feature innovations that will allow coffee lovers to set notifications as reminders to fill the coffeemaker with water and grounds, and to tell them when the coffee is ready.

Under the Holmes brand, Jarden said it will introduce three “smart” products that enable consumers to control the products from the next room or across town. One practical application would allow a consumer returning home on a chilly evening to turn on the heater before arriving.

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