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ILORI/Select Comfort


An artist-inspired store design provides an indulgent shopping experience at ILORI, which specializes in upscale sunglasses and accessories. The interior celebrates craftsmanship and originality, and features changing art installations and lighting technology that coexist to create an ever-evolving sense of discovery and luxury. The product is showcased in unique ways, with one wall dedicated to an organic composition of backlit acrylic display boxes. The in-store experience culminates at a sensually curving gold luxury wall.

Anew format repositions the Select Comfort brand, making it more relevant to today’s market while creating an engaging environment that has a contemporary, home-aesthetic feel. The design creates a “modern sanctuary” that aligns the shopping experience of buying a mattress to the actual user experience at home. Beds are located at the rear of the space, creating a sense of privacy and a cocooned environment for the customer. Lush materials and finishes put the quality of the retail experience on par with the quality of the product.

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