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Ikea changes the rules on high-tech furnishings


For those shoppers who are sick of lugging phone chargers from room to room, Ikea has a solution: The Swedish retailer is launching a new line of home furnishings with wireless chargers.

As smartphones have become an essential part of consumers’ lives, Ikea decided to make the charging function a natural part of the home.

“Ikea revolutionized the furniture industry, and it continues to prove itself an innovation leader with the integration of IDT wireless charging transmitters into its products,” said Arman Naghavi, IDT’s vice president of Analog Power Technology. “The company’s adoption of our Qi technology underscores the traction we’re seeing as the wireless power ecosystem continues to expand.”

In addition to the furniture, Ikea has developed a line of charging pads as well as a wireless charger that consumers can build into furniture themselves—all built around the IDT wireless power semiconductor. The P9030 transmitter complies with the Wireless Power Consortium’s (WPC) Qi standard, delivering a 5W single-chip solution in a compact package. IDT wireless power transmitters and receivers have also been designed into smart phones, phone accessories, wearables and charging stations.

The Wireless Charging collection features items that range in price from $9.99 to $119, including a work lamp, floor lamp, table lamp, bedside tables, simple charging pads, and a wireless charger that fits into the MICKE and STUVA desks but can also be fitted into other furniture items with a wooden surface.

Ikea's Wireless Charging collection is set to be rolled out globally, with availability expected in U.S. stores in late spring.

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