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IDC releases preview of Top 10 Predictions for Retail Industry


Framingham, Mass. -- The impact of omnichannel retail on the supply chain, customer experience and merchandise optimization is one of IDC Retail Insights’ Top 10 Predictions for the Retail Industry in 2013.

IDC will reveal the complete list on Dec. 6 (click here for more information), but as a “preview,” the company predicts the following three trends will make an impact on the retail industry in the coming year:

  • Omnichannel retail, now at the heart of modern retail strategies, create a new set of operating rules for supply chain, customer experience, and merchandise optimization.

  • Retailers will come to grips with the relative lack of maturity when it comes to offering an engaged and genuine customer experience. Investments that create a unified brand experience will accelerate to make up ground.

  • Supply chains will evolve into trusted, efficient, and effective (TEE) ecosystems that assure that the brand promises made to the consumer at the front end of a shopping episode are kept when executing on the delivery of the order regardless of channel.

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