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Icahn outlines six ‘facts’ in new EBay letter


New York – Billionaire investor Carl Icahn, who released an open letter criticizing the board of EBay for conflicts of interest on Feb. 24, has released a second open letter outlining what he calls six facts about questionable decisions by the current EBay board.

These facts, as stated by Icahn, are that EBay has refused to engage in open debate and so far has not responded to an offer from CNBC to conduct a public forum between Icahn and EBay that EBay pre-empted a planned IPO of Skype and instead sold it at 70% below purchase price to board member Marc Andreessen; that EBay so far has not responded to a request by Icahn to examine all books and records relating to the Skype sale; that Andreeseen sits on the boards of and advises at least five direct EBay competitors; that board member Scott Cook’s status as founder and board member of Intuit poses a conflict of interest to EBay’s PayPal business; and that the Department of Justice is investigating a previous hiring embargo on Intuit employees Cook requested of EBay.

EBay, which issued a public response to Icahn’s previous open letter, has not yet responded.

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