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IBM launches new criminal investigation solution


Armonk, N.Y. –- IBM has released new high-speed analysis and criminal investigation software that is designed to uncover hidden criminal threats buried inside massive volumes of disparate corporate data. IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis (EIA) can find non-obvious relationships within hundreds of terabytes of data and trillions of objects in just seconds.

By fusing together these multiple data sources, organizations can gain complete visibility into threats across the enterprise, giving companies the ability to transform how they protect themselves from increasingly sophisticated attacks. Operating at high speeds and massive scale, i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis accelerates the data-to-decision process by uncovering new insights into criminal threats against the enterprise that intelligence and security analysts might otherwise not have realized for days, weeks or months later.

EIA analyzes huge amounts of disparate data to discover weak-signal relationships that reveal the true nature and source of an attack. As developments unfold, EIA provides real-time recommendations that proactively alert analysts to new related abnormalities at the speed of attack.

Built on IBM Power Systems, IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis can complement existing security or fraud solutions with additional features, such as enhanced visualization capabilities, an open, modular infrastructure, interoperability inside and outside the organization, and out-of-the box functionality.
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