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IBM expands analytics capabilities in marketing cloud


Armonk, N.Y. - IBM is releasing new design and analytics features as part of IBM marketing cloud to enable brands to address the rising complexity marketers face engaging with customers as individuals. These new capabilities from IBM enable marketers to collaborate, design and deliver customer experiences with a focus on personalization.

Expanded analytics and design capabilities in IBM marketing cloud can be deployed as an integrated solution or as individual offerings. They include:

IBM Journey Designer: A virtual whiteboard where practitioners on multiple teams within an organization can collaborate with a single view of a customer's journey to make more informed decisions.

IBM Journey Analytics: This new analytics capability allows marketers to sift through insights about the customer, making it easier for marketers to visualize the journey of the customer, map and design a campaign to help deliver more relevant experiences with greater precision at the right time.

IBM Customer Experience Analytics: A single platform that unifies IBM's Journey Analytics, Digital Analytics, and customer behavior analytics capabilities to provide a complete view of how brands engage with their customers.

IBM Commerce Insights: Provides business executives insight into the performance, operation and growth of their digital commerce business.

IBM and Facebook recently announced they will collaborate to provide tailored marketing capabilities that reach the right people at the right time with the right message. To build on this, IBM has also expanded its business partner ecosystem to allow marketers to integrate IBM and partners' marketing applications including social and ad networks.

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