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IBM Benchmark data shows Cyber Monday breaking records


New York -- Cyber Monday appears to be well on its way to breaking all previous records.

By mid-day on Monday, e-commerce sales were up 25.6% for this same time period over Cyber Monday 2011, according to findings from the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark. The company analyzes the shopping results of 500 retailers nationwide.

Current mobile shopping data for Cyber Monday includes the following:

Mobile Traffic: The number of consumers using a mobile device to visit a retailer's site is 21%.

Mobile Shopping: The number of consumers using their mobile device to make a purchase is at 10.9%.

Multi-Screen Shopping: The iPhone continues to drive more retail shopping than any other device with traffic reaching 8.3% versus 6.7% and 5.9% for iPad and Android respectively.

Social Sales: Shoppers referred from Social Networks have generated .2% of all online sales on Cyber Monday.

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