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How NOT to sell online to British shoppers


Online retailers who hope to sell their goods to British consumers should take heed when it comes to listing the price.

A survey by online translation agency revealed that 80% of the British consumer public refuses to buy from websites that do not post their prices in British pounds.

Among respondents who were of the ages 18-24, only 64% reported refusing to purchase from websites that fail to list their prices in British Pounds, while among respondents from the ages 25-34 the ratio rose to 71%, among respondents of the ages 35-44 the ratio was 79% and among respondents of the ages 45-54 the ratio rose further to 83%.

No less than 93% of the participants from the ages 55-64 reported that they do not purchase from websites that do not list their final prices in British Pounds, while the ratio climbed further to 96% among participants who were 65 and older.

“The significance of the new survey is immense,” said Ofer Shoshan, co-founder and CEO of One Hour Translation. “The British consumer public has sent a very clear message to e-commerce sites all over the world that from now on prices must be listed in the local currency in order for local customers to shop online. The matter of pricing in British Pounds cannot be resolved solely by providing a clearing solution, but requires that prices be listed in British Pounds throughout the purchasing process.”
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