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Hooters offers retailers digital inspiration


Fresh perspective on how retailers can integrate their physical and digital presence while elevating the brand experience can be found in an unlikely location in Southern California.

The most vexing issue confronting retailers in 2015 remains how to seamlessly integrate the physical and digital worlds to keep pace with shopper expectations. A new Hooters prototype in the Los Angeles suburb of South Gate offers some ideas that could be worth exploring, borrowing and adapting for a retail environment.

For example, each table at the new location features an interactive Ziosk brand tablet that functions as a digital Hooters girl, allowing guests to place orders and pay their bill. The technology isn’t new but retailers have struggled with the optimal usage of tablet technology in the physical environment. The Hooters solution improves order accuracy and facilities prompt payment while freeing wait staff to perform other customer service and guest engagement functions.

In addition, the Ziosk tablets allow Hooters predominantly male clientele to play sport trivia and should they decide to bring the kids along children’s games are also available. A “virtual personalized host” is designed to simplify the check-in process. A Hooters Girl at the entrance uses an iPad to record the customers’ cell phone number and when the guest’s table is ready they receive a text or a voice mail. The location also features two massive state-of-the-art video walls comprised of nine high-definition frameless TVs which presumably will be used most often to display sports content.

“We’re exceptionally proud to officially open this new location with a fresh design concept and new technology, reinvigorating the look and feel of Hooters without losing the essence of our iconic brand,” said Rick Leukert, CEO of Hooters franchisee Hootwinc, LLC.

Overall, the new location at 8730 Garfield Avenue in the El Paseo Shopping Center is said to feature a contemporary flair and sleek design features, including hardwood floors, plenty of Hooters signature orange and more open space to encourage social interaction among guests. There is also an area called the “Heritage Wall” that celebrates the company’s 30 years of history, showcasing the iconic Hooters Girl along with key milestones from the past three decades.

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