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Home good leader offers kitchen care regimen


Bed Bath & Beyond is offering a trio of Granite Gold branded products as part of an exclusive new Home Care Collection.

The product offering includes Granite Gold’s daily cleaner, a countertop polish and a specialty cleaner and that retails for $23.99.

"Harsh and abrasive ordinary cleaners have damaging effects on natural stone-surfaces," said Lenny Sciarrino, president and CEO of Granite Gold. "Our Home Care Collection provides Bed Bath & Beyond customers the essential tools to easily and safely clean, shine and protect their surfaces."

Granite is a tough material, but typical household and multipurpose cleaners can damage natural-stone surfaces. Granite Gold contends its products are specially formulated to protect and maintain natural stone surfaces. The company’s daily cleaner, as the name suggests, is for every day use while the polishing product is designed to produce a rich shine and luster while renewing and restoring brilliance to dull natural stone surfaces. The newest addition to the product line, the specialty cleaner, is designed to clean delicate fixtures such as stainless steel appliances, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, mirrors, and glass without worry of overspray damaging natural stone surfaces.

According to the company, its partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond dates back to 2007. However, the decision to create the Home Care Collection was the result of a desire to offer a unique value for the retailer’s customers.

Founded in 2003 by Sciarrino and his cousin Lenny Pellegrino, Granite Gold has achieved the scale and flexibility where it is able to collaborate with retail partners to develop unique opportunities.

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