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H&M to Drop Model Moss Over Admitted Drug Use


New York City, Yesterday, H&M dismissed Kate Moss as its centerpiece from a planned advertising campaign following an admission of cocaine use by the top model. The verdict by Europe’s largest clothing chain, with 78 American stores, came as a surprise, considering that H&M earlier stated that Moss would be forgiven and the campaign would proceed as scheduled.

However, after H&M’s initial pardoning, public complaints via the Internet and the media seemed to force the European retailer’s hand. With such a strong client base of teenagers and young adults, H&M deemed it best to distance itself from drugs, as H&M representative Jennifer Uglialoro cited the need for retailers to employ “healthy, wholesome, and sound” agents.

As for Moss, her future is uncertain. Earning more than $9 million a year, she appears in advertising campaigns for many top fashion companies, including Chanel, Burberry and Dior. At this point, it is unclear whether other companies will follow H&M’s lead and distance themselves from Moss.

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