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Heineken latest ad campaign features Neil Patrick Harris


Heineken Light’s most recent ad campaign, "Best Tasting Light Beer," features three-time Emmy award-winner and Tony award-winner and host Neil Patrick Harris.

The reformulated Heineken Light recipe still contains just 99 calories but now includes cascade hops, commonly used in IPAs to create a fuller flavor, crisper aftertaste and a clean finish, the company said.

The Heineken Light creative will feature a new TV commercial starring Neil Patrick Harris and will celebrate the "Best Tasting Light Beer" award, extending online through a series of digital videos and behind-the-scenes content that will be available at The campaign is a product announcement for the Best Tasting Light Beer, but with a twist: Certain alcohol regulations in the U.S. don't allow spokespeople to drink it on camera. Heineken and their agency partners at Wieden + Kennedy worked with Neil Patrick Harris to embrace this challenge and find clever and humorous ways to bring the taste experience to life on TV.

"Apparently there are rules about drinking beer in commercials, so I'm drinking it over here. (Off-screen) Ahhh, tastes good," says Neil Patrick Harris in one of the TV commercials.

"We want everyone to try Heineken Light this summer and we think Neil Patrick Harris is the perfect guy to help tell the world that this is the best tasting low calorie lager in a witty and humorous way," said Colin Westcott-Pitt, VP marketing.

In addition to the reformulation of Heineken Light's brew, Heineken redesigned the packaging. The Heineken Light star bottle has a taller, slimmer neck and curved embossment and is now also available in an 8.5 ounce slim can.

The launch will be supported through a mix of traditional and paid media, digital, PR and experiential marketing. The brand will also carry out extensive sampling where legal with adults 21+.

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