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Healthy eating is in at H-E-B


In its commitment to helping customers create healthier habits and fight obesity and diabetes, H-E-B on Thursday partnered with the American Diabetes Association to announce the launch of H-E-B Nutrition Services.

Registered dietitians and nutritionists will be in select stores throughout Texas providing affordable nutrition education and care, including private one-on-one consultations, grocery shopping tours, cooking demonstrations, group health classes, kids cooking classes, “lunch and learn” sessions and disease management classes.

The program is designed to help educate Texans based upon their individual health and nutrition needs. Currently, H-E-B is accepting Medicare, Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance for these health-based services, with even more insurance providers slated to join by 2015.

“As soon as customers walk through our doors, they begin making decisions that most impact their health and that of their family. Nutrition Services is a way for H-E-B to further assist Texans when making healthy choices for themselves and their families,” said Kate Rogers, H-E-B VP engagement. “From individuals and employers to medical professionals and their patients, this new line of services can be tailored to fit each of our customer’s distinctive needs.”

H-E-B’s nutrition experts also will be available upon request for off-site group nutrition events such as health classes, cooking demonstrations, speaking events and training.

The launch of H-E-B Nutrition Services coincides with American Diabetes Month and the American Diabetes Association’s current “America Gets Cooking to Stop Diabetes” campaign.

“Nearly 30 million Americans have diabetes, with nearly 2 million new cases diagnosed each year,” said Tiffani Nair, ADA director of mission delivery and communications. “Because of this staggering statistic, we are proud to partner with H-E-B for the launch of a program that aims to combat this trend and inspires people to live a healthier lifestyle, starting with their food choices.”

Nutrition Services start as low as $20 per person and vary in price depending on the level of guidance and information, both for individuals and groups. Free offerings include group grocery store tours, product sampling and in-store community events.

In honor of National Diabetes Month, H-E-B also will offer a 20% discount on all Nutrition Services through the month of November, as well as a 50% discount on Diabetes Awareness classes and shopping tours at various H-E-B stores across the state.

Customers eligible for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program will be offered a discount on select services within the program. Coupons for discounts on specific products will be available to all customers within the participating store in their area, and will vary as supplies last.

“Whether you are trying to manage a disease or just want to learn how to more effectively shop for your health, our nutrition experts are available to help each customer reach their individual goals through both free and paid services within the program,” said Stacy Bates, H-E-B registered dietitian program manager.

In addition to the H-E-B Nutrition Services program, H-E-B will continue to offer free and/or low-cost health screenings and immunizations at all store pharmacy locations on the second Saturday of each month. H-E-B Pharmacists can help customers manage their diabetes with free glucose and A1c screenings, as well as information to better determine a treatment and/or prevention plan.

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