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Head & Shoulders teams up with Sofia Vergara for social media contest


Head & Shoulders and brand ambassador Sofia Vergara are leveraging social media for the shampoo’s latest contest. And the winner gets to meet Vergara.

“I’m excited to give one of my fans the chance to become part of my family for a day,” said Vergara. “Everyone knows eight out of nine Vergaras use Head & Shoulders, now we’re looking for the 10th! We’re looking for someone who flaunts their beautiful, flake-free hair with a little Vergara attitude!”

To participate, contestants must follow @HeadShoulders on Twitter or Instagram and then share a photo of their hair with hashtags #PartOfOurFamily #sweeps and tag @HeadShoulders. The person whose strands make the cut will win a trip to an upcoming advertising shoot to meet Vergara and her family. The contest will run through September 8.

“Head & Shoulders has a variety of shampoos and conditioners with benefits specific to each of my family members’ needs — and I have a big family! My son uses it, my mom uses it and my cousins use it to keep their scalp healthy and hair looking great,” Vergara added.

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