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Hawaiian Tropic seeks new brand ambassador


SHELTON, Conn. — Hawaiian Tropic has retired its Miss Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Contests and is looking for a woman who will serve as the "new face" of the brand, which is owned by Energizer Personal Care, a division of Energizer Holdings.

The brand, which has introduced new formulas and packaging, is launching the contest through Facebook, and the winner will become its new spokeswoman. The contest takes place from May 6 through May 31.

"The modern Hawaiian Tropic woman still loves to spend time in the sun, but also understands the importance of skin care in helping to keep her skin healthy," Hawaiian Tropic brand manager Danielle Duncan said. "We're looking for a new face of the brand who captures that sensibility and shares the Hawaiian Tropic philosophy that broad-spectrum sun protection can be as luxurious and pampering as any other beauty product."

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