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Hartmann to appear on 'Undercover Boss'


True Value’s boss went undercover, and the cameras were rolling. True Value Company president and CEO John Hartmann will appear in the season six premiere of "Undercover Boss" airing on Dec. 14 on CBS.

Hartmann traveled across the United States, from Massachusetts to Oregon, working in disguise under the alias "Louis Lapresi." While undercover, Hartmann visited several True Value locations and got his hands dirty on the front lines of the co-op. He took on various roles from retail sales associate at a True Value store to a forklift driver in stocking and receiving at one of the cooperative's distribution centers.

"My 'Undercover Boss' experience was nothing short of incredible," Hartmann said. "I had the opportunity to engage in several key jobs, and although I wasn't great at each task, I learned along the way from my True Value associate mentors. I gained a newfound understanding of the jobs each of these hardworking professionals do each day.

Hartmann joined True Value in the spring of 2013. True Value represents independent retailer locations in more than 60 countries with retail sales in their communities totaling approximately $5.5 billion with 13 regional distribution centers and approximately 2,500 True Value associates.

"When I joined the co-op, I spent several months traveling the country meeting with members and associates to learn what makes the operation tick," Hartmann commented. " 'Undercover Boss' was a great extension of that initiative, providing me further opportunity to engage with the people that make True Value successful."

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