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Harbortouch launches new payment terminal


Allentown, Pa. - POS system and merchant services provider Harbortouch has unveiled its new “future-proof” payment terminal, Perkwave.The solution features a proprietary EMV-enabled credit card terminal integrated with a customer-facing NFC reader.

In addition to standard credit and debit card acceptance, this integrated solution supports the most common new payment methods, such as NFC and smart cards. The Perkwave terminal can be updated remotely to support additional payment methods in the future and also includes a proprietary “heartbeat” feature which allows Harbortouch to monitor terminal up-time, automatically alerting the company’s technical support department if a terminal experiences any issues in the field. The terminal also includes the ability for customers to receive e-receipts sent directly to their e-mail address and is compatible with the Perkwave loyalty program currently under development by Harbortouch.

“As smart cards and mobile payment technologies like NFC become more widely adopted, it is going to be critical for businesses to be able to accept these payment types,” said Harbortouch CEO Jared Isaacman. “We have incorporated the most prevalent of these payment technologies into this terminal so that our merchants will never have to turn a customer away due to not being able to accept their preferred form of payment. This package truly delivers a future-proof payment acceptance solution.”

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