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Happy Family organic brand seeks parents of picky eaters


NEW YORK, N.Y. — Happy Family, a leading organic baby and toddler food brand founded and operated by moms, wants picky eaters to clean their plates for a chance to win $20,000 toward a college education.

As part of the campaign, which launched on Facebook and is called Stories from the Bright Side, Happy Family is calling parents to submit their funny mealtime moments.

“There’s something about those shared parenting experiences that unites us all — every mom and dad has had food thrown at them, experienced temper-tantrums, or received flat-out refusal to eat something at some point in their parenting career. But then imagine that same scene at your dinner table acted out by improv comedians — the ability to laugh, lift your mood, and share a bit of brightness with other parents is the true beauty of the Stories from the Bright Side,” said Shazi Visram, founder, CEO and chief mom of Happy Family. “At Happy Family, we are dedicated to providing families with the most comprehensive line of nutritious foods, our small way of helping to give parents the tools to raise healthy, happy children. Those hilariously frustrating moments at the table are testaments to parents’ hard work raising happy families — and I wanted to celebrate that with our campaign.”

Stories from the Bright Side also features a series of Web videos showcasing seven parenting bloggers, all of whom share the challenges they face when trying to get their children to eat good food. Bloggers include Jim Lin of Busy Dad Blog, Kelcey Kintner of Mama Bird Diaries, Candy Kirby of the Laughing Stork, Kristen Chase of Motherhood Uncensored and Cool Mom Picks, Kristen Howerton of Rage Against the Minivan, Linda Sharps of All & Sundry and Morgan Shanhan of the 818.

Parents can submit their stories on the brand's Facebook page in the form of videos, as well as written stories and images, depicting their experience trying to get children to eat healthy food. The campaign will run through Aug. 31. All submissions will be evaluated by a panel of judges from Happy Family.

Happy Family brand products are available in leading retail outlets nationwide, including Target and Whole Foods Market, and can be purchased online at,,, and

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