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Hanes makes sock-eating Great Dane a tasty offer


This week, a three-year-old Great Dane from Portland made headlines for consuming 43.5 socks. Hanes is capitalizing on the trending story by offering the mischievous pooch free dog treats for the rest of his life.

“While Hanes believes its socks are tasty footwear,” the company said in a statement, “it hopes this offer will get the Great Dane snacking on something that's much more pleasant for his tummy.”

Hanes has partnered with the Greenies brand, makers of the pet specialty dental chews, to provide a lifetime's supply of treats for the Great Dane. All it needs to know now is where to send the package. Both brands said they hope the owners accept the offer and wish the Great Dane a speedy recovery after his surgery to remove the socks.

"If there's one place where socks don't belong, it's inside a Great Dane's stomach," said Sidney Falken, chief brand officer, Hanes. "Hopefully, this remarkable pooch finds the taste of delicious doggy treats more agreeable than a comfy pair of cotton socks."

And since the dog owners are down a few socks, Hanes plans to replenish their sock stock with a few of its latest varieties.

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