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Guitar Center renews agreement with APT


Washington, D.C. -- Applied Predictive Technologies (APT) said that Guitar Center has renewed its license for APT's retail testing software.

APT’s Test & Learn Management Solution is being used to drive dozens of high-impact tests within Guitar Center’s organization. Using Test & Learn, Guitar Center plans to accurately understand the impact of new ideas and tailor them to maximize profits.

"Guitar Center identified APT's Test & Learn as a strategic capability for high-impact decision support and we continue to be impressed by the solution and its potential within our organization," said Michelle Sanft, VP of strategic planning at Guitar Center.

The tool allows Guitar Center to automate complex functions, such as data collection. The chain can also use sophisticated analytic tools to design and interpret tests correctly, and Test & Learn enables the organization to consistently generate clear output for each test.

Guitar Center is applying the full Test & Learn suite, including the Test & Learn for Sites, Test & Learn for Customers and Market Basket Analyzer against a range of store, market and customer-facing initiatives. The retailer also licensed Test & Learn for Employees, which enables fine-tuned analysis at the employee level to understand which employee-facing initiatives are driving enterprise performance.

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